Boulder County wildfire Partners

We are excited to be working with Boulder County Wildfire Partners to help create engaging outreach videos for their award winning Wildfire Mitigation Program. We greatly enjoy helping wildfire partners promote environmental awareness in Boulder County.

To view additional videos in our series check our Wildfire Partners video page. To learn more about Wildfire Partners visit them at

Colorado Music Festival

We had a a lot of fun working with the Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts in the creation of their fundraising video! 

Working with local non-profits and arts organizations is something we love doing. Please be in touch if your organization would like to work with us to create a compelling video that tells your story!

Richtr Financial Studio

Client Testimonial videos are a great way to drive new clients to your business. Natural Focus Digital are experts at shooting testimonial videos and would love to work with your company to help increase your businesses sales. We had a blast working with Richtr Financial Studios on this client testimonial video.

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CodeCraft School Of Technology

Boulder has a thriving tech community. We are always excited to work with local tech startups to help tell their story. Their is so much passion and innovation in the Boulder area. We would love to work with your startup to help tell your story via video.

To learn more about CodeCraft visit:


We were thrilled to work with the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF] to create this captivating piece. We enjoy working in live music production and would love to help you with your next project.

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We are excited to work with the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts to help create their 20th Anniversary Video.

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